• Lawn Maintenance

  • landscape maintenance

    At Cutting Edge, we love a beautifully manicured lawn! And when it comes to the long term care of your landscape design, we are the experts.

    Whether you have a townhouse, garden home, large estate or manage an HOA or commercial property, our lawn care management team can customize a yard maintenance program that is suited for your property's unique needs. Our lawn care team specializes in:


    • Mowing
    • Edging
    • Pine Straw or Mulch applications
    • Pruning

    Whatever the time of year, your yard and lawn need to be maintained. Leave it to the professionals at Cutting Edge to treat your space with the care it deserves. Our expertise allows us to offer year-round maintenance which includes mowing as needed during different seasons, pruning to maintain a manicured appearance, and pine straw/mulch applications to suppress weed growth and enhance appearance. Our horticultural expertise allows us to maintain all of your landscape needs at the highest level.